About Mommy Towne


Expecting a blessing or know someone who is? Mommy Towne is a one stop necessity shop for every mommy to be, with prices that can't be beat!

The idea of Mommy Towne was born that very evening! The only viable option for either of us was to take our future into our own hands by starting a business. One phone call later, Amanda suggested the idea of reselling maternity clothes and Mommy Towne was born! While we continue to expand our inventory to include selections of unique gifts, children's items, and a variety of retail options, our primary focus remains on providing like-new maternity/nursing clothing and gear at prices that fit everyone's budgets. Great Ideas From Special People! Everyone is getting involved with Mommy Towne as Amanda's 5 year old son is the person who created the name!
Mommy Towne also has a few in store distributors like Preggie Pops, the morning sickness lollipop cure, Cake Lingerie, as well as the Belly Bandit post maternity wrap and the Belly Boost maternity support system.
Mommy Towne honors a gently used buy back system, so if you need to make space, need some cash, or have finished using the clothing or equipment, bring it in. After we examine it, we can decide on transaction details!
Clothes in Donation - Maternity Clothing in St  Joseph,
Donate to Charity! We also currently have close working relationships with The Pregnancy Resource Center and The Noyes Home. So even if the clothes, equipment, or toys you have don't think could be re-sold, but you would like to donate them, bring them to us and we will see to it that they make it to their intended homes.

Meet the Staff


Amanda's Story


My interest in owning my own business began when I learned that my day care was closing within a matter of months. Prior to this, I was working three evening shifts per week at my job just to be able to get my two boys to and from their individual kindergarten and pre-school, then putting in long hours the remainder of the week to make up for any lost time. I realized at that moment that the balancing act I had been trying so desperately to hold together simply wasn't going to work going forward. I no longer knew how to make all of ends meet and by trying to do so, I was exhausted and not spending the quality time that I wanted with my family. So, I did what many of us do…I called my mom. Now, this was something I do every day anyway but this call was different because we started talking about the option of starting a business together.


Stephanie's Story


Prior to Mommy Towne, I worked in social service for over 20 years in various leadership and executive positions. My passion has, and always will be, working with at-risk populations such as children, senior citizens, and young families. I wanted to make a difference in our community and help remove barriers for those in need. It was a very rewarding career and one that I will forever be proud of. However, over the years I would find my thoughts being drawn back to a life-long dream of owning my own business. For me, becoming a business owner wasn't based on false beliefs of fewer hours, less stress, or immediate financial gratification…I have been in the workforce too long for those day dreams. The lure of owning my own business was about my family. As a mother and grandmother, I wanted to build something that would benefit the community while simultaneously creating a legacy for my family to build on. I had looked at many opportunities over the years but was never able to find just the right fit. Then my daughter called me one evening with news that her daycare provider was closing. She was understandably upset and having experienced my own similar obstacles as a young working mother, I could relate. However, neither of us could have predicted that this phone call would change our lives.